In recent years #Barcelona has become a leading city in digital economy and is considered as the most important city in southern Europe for startup creation.

The Startups Heatmap affirms that Barcelona is the third preferred city by entrepreneur to set up a business.

The city has become a priority destination for foreign multinationals, especially those in the technological field. Likewise, the city is a hotbed of local and international Startups looking for a place in the market. They end up generating thousands of new jobs of great technological value.

Barcelona must undoubtedly follow this path that will keep the city at a cosmopolitan and modern level. Let’s give concrete examples to certify these positive statements about our city.


Mobile World Congress (MWC)

In 2019 it is expected to exceed 107,000 attendees and generate an economic impact of € 473 million and 13,900 temporary jobs.

The main technological multinationals have confirmed their attendance: Facebook, Google, Huawei, LG, Sony, Samsung, etc … This congress generates an important impact on the city’s start-up ecosystem. During the mobile world congress duration Barcelona becomes a reference in the Tech sector.


Barcelona Tech City / Pier 01

Bcn Tech City is a project promoted by local entrepreneurs that currently represents more than 800 companies. An ecosystem of tech companies with enormous potential has been achieved in the Pier 01.

It is a clear example of the dynamism of the city of Barcelona and how entrepreneurs strongly bet on Bcn.



The social media giant, with more than 1 billion users worldwide, will install a content control space in the Glòries Tower with more than 500 quality jobs.



The e-commerce giant has chosen 22 @ in Barcelona to install a center to serve small and medium-sized companies in Spain, France and Italy.



The Japanese multinational has created an innovation center to accelerate sports start-ups. The sporting goods company has framed this initiative within its global strategy for 2020, when they will be sponsors of the #Tokio Olympic Games.

To a lesser extent, from the Cat Real Estate Group we are also committed to entrepreneurship and promotion of the creation of Startups in Barcelona. With this objective two years ago, we created Cat Real Estate #Poptech an incubator focused on Real Estate Startsups. The purpose of Cat Real Estate Proptech is to provide coverage and support to new real estate business models with a technological base in its early stages of life (pre-seed or seed phase).

We currently have 4 incubated Startups: Yourhoming, Melibero, Rentando and Cat Real Estate Relocation.

We are convinced like the multinationals mentioned above that Barcelona has become a world leader in the implementation and development of Startups.


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Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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