Here we will talk about real estate assets


Here we will talk about real estate assets


We offer our knowledge and experience in order to help you make the profitability of your real estate assets better and bring you to a better life.



My name is Nacho Castella, CEO of Cat Real Estate and we have created this blog to talk openly about real estate.

Here I will share closed operations, we will talk about real estate inversions, of assets and everything related with the world of real estate.

We also want to share all my knowledge about real estate investment, asset profitability and how to generate income with real estate rent.

Our goal is to share our knowledge to create passive income through real estate investment.

If you have already searched our blog it might look a little but dense, you can see what each page is about and we clarify what you can find in each part of the blog.



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Opportunities: here you will find an asset selection to invest. Our team of asset managers has picked the best investment opportunities for sale.

Members: this is the cat real estate investor community. People who are passionate about real estate world. In this community we share market situation, closed transactions and assets for sale by members of the group.

Categories: here are all the main categories that are part of the blog. What we are talking about.

Resources: it is the place where we share the team of collaborators that we use in Cat Real Estate to develop our day-to-day activities. Lawyers, programmers, technology managers…

Podcasts: information in video of the real estate market situation.

Us: in this page we will talk about us, about what we do and where we are. We are a private real estate consultant specialized in property estates.

Articles: here is where you will find our articles. Always based on the experience and respect for the real estate businesses.


If you want to sell your premises before anyone else

If you want to sell your house before anyone else


I faithfully think that you have to save money to get ahead in life. That does not mean you have to live frugally for 40 years in the hope that you can save enough to retire a few years before you die.

I have been investing in real estate for years, and that has set me ahead of the pack. It is not easy and there is no quick scheme but I believe that real estate is one of the best ways to generate income and anyone with a methodology and an investment objective can get ahead and create a powerful real estate heritage.

With this Blog I want to share our experience in real estate investment. I have many articles to share that I think will be good tools for those who start or want to advance in real estate investment. Not only do I write about success stories, but also I show you how I do it.


If you are interested in:

  • Generating income through real estate investment
  • Selling a house, flat or a local quickly
  • Find the best professional that can manage your heritage
  • Save money on buying a property
  • Make more money with real estate
  • Finding a Good Real Estate Advisor


This site can help. Look around, since everything is free. If you want to save some time and get professional books or build your business faster, we will soon launch the online store.

We have also created a section of ‘real estate resources’ that are the tools we use in our daily activity as real estate managers and investors. They are tools that we use or have used with very good results.

The site has a lot of visitors, but I pride myself on responding personally to emails that arrive, and connect with people as much as I can.

When you join my email list the emails you receive are from my email account. Just reply back to one of them the email will get directly to me.


Ignacio Castella | CEO de Cat Real Estate

Thank you for the time and the Cat Real Estate team is at your disposal to assist you.