The sale of real estate is one of the main ways to generate income through real estate investment. You need to take conscience that selling real estate isn’t only about setting a price, but it is about knowing local and national legislation for the correct development of the transaction and in order to avoid future problems with tax office.

Knowing the laws and all the selling process, will give you the competitive advantage when it comes to winning money with a sale.

In this section we will talk about how to sell real estate. Certain aspects you should take into account, such as actual legislation and how to save money in taxes. We will also talk about setting sell prices, where and how to find market studies to set your home to the correct value and how to establish the selling transaction in order to avoid future legal problems.

The real estate selling process is not hard, but you need to know the methodology and the ways. In this section we will give a global vision of the process, and in case of doubt you can always address the administration department at Cat Real Estate where they will help and advise you in the process.

Welcome to the real estate world.

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