In the real estate investment sections you will find articles where we talk in an open way about our experience after years of work.

Real estate investments are a long-term task. You have to analyze the market very well, begin early and get to know the particularities of the investment zone. Do not be in a hurry, never fall in love with an assets and value investments in a cold and methodical way.

In this section we will inform you on how to analyze a property, we will show what a free cash flow is, the ROI of a real estate investment and tools so you can take your own investment decisions.

A property can be an asset that gives you money every month, or it can take it form you. The decision depends on you. On how you analyze the inversion, how you execute it and the follow up you do.

We invite you to follow us in this incredible real estate investments world. The profitability and net monthly cash is our goal and it has to be yours too.


Office purchase accelerates in Barcelona

Office purchase accelerates in Barcelona surpassing the prices of 2007.
We have closed an office sale operation in Paseo de Gracia at € 6,500 / m2.
The avalanche of demand in the field of investment is reaching almost the same values as in the pre-crisis period. [Keep reading…]

How to buy a rent property underneath the market

One of the key points of my investment strategy in properties that I buy to rent is to get the best purchase price. It is not easy to buy properties underneath their market value, but it is very important to achieve it for various reasons. Is the purchase goal is to...