Barcelona has become one of the main European cities to invest in technology companies, it is exactly the third European city in digital innovation.

Over the last few decades, Barcelona has welcomed thousands of companies that have opened their technology centers, creating new job offers and helping to turn the city into a world technology benchmark.

#Barcelona has some qualities that make it unique in the world, such as its privileged geographical position, its economic conditions and its pleasant climate. So also with a powerful culture of entrepreneurship and high-level business schools.

During these last two years, a large number of companies have arrived, such as the case of Belvo.

Belvo is a company that has built a platform that allows you to connect any application with financial data from your bank. This company arrived in Barcelona in 2019 making an investment of around €50 million.



Another example of company could be Inbrain Neuroelectronics.

This is a biotech startup dedicated to developing the next generation of machine-powered neurotechnological therapies. Founded in 2019, based in Barcelona and currently has around €15.5 million to improve neuroelectronic interfaces to cure brain diseases.




Startups in the food sector are also appearing, such as the case of Incapto Coffee, which in 2020 decided to establish its headquarters in Barcelona. This company offers automatic coffee machines, mainly to companies, and allows them to have a subscription to receive coffee beans. This is a way to help the environment, so companies do not have to be aware of reducing the use of coffee capsules. Incapto Coffee invested €1.8 million.

At this time the company has more than 10,000 clients and its turnover is around €2.3 million.


It is also important to see how much investment has been made in startups and as can be seen in the StartUp Heat Map report, in 2021 there was an investment of around €2 billion. This report also tells us how Barcelona is the third most reliable startup hub in #Europe.





#Barcelona is currently a unique pole of attraction for #talent for entrepreneurs and the city must make a strong commitment to this situation.

In this regard, it is worth watching the conference given by Aurora Catà, President of Barcelona Global this week at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona:





In the www.catrealestate.com group We have always been clear about the potential of #Barcelona and the technological revolution that currently exists in the real estate market, which is why we decided a few years ago to create a #proptech startup incubator www.catrealestateproptech.com

With this incubator we have managed to revolutionize the entire technological system of our company and put our grain of sand in the startup ecosystem of #Barcelona.




Cat Real Estate is a real estate consultancy based in Barcelona that celebrates eleven years of existence this year. The company specializes in real estate asset management for family offices and manages assets of €700 million.

The direction of the company is in charge of: Nacho Castella Casas. Professional in the sector with more than fifteen years of experience in the real estate sector in Barcelona. He has spent six years at Busquets Gálvez as Commercial Director and two years at Landscape (real estate subsidiary of the Banco Sabadell Group) as Commercial Manager of the Group’s Assets. He has a Law Degree from UPF and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Business Management from the UB. He has been involved in advising on major location operations for large companies in Barcelona.


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Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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