Real Estate Tools that make our lives easier


Real Estate Tools that make our lives easier


We have created this section in our blog as a toolbox that you can use for your real estate business. 

We have created this section in our blog as a toolbox that you can use for your real estate business. We have personally used each one of the web sites that are mentioned, as well as the tools, blogs, products and systems that will be mentioned later and we hope they will be useful to you. 

If you have a especial situation or you are still not sure about what tool to use, do not hesitate contacting us. We are happy to help. 

Note: We have used all the tools here fore mentioned and we have had good experiences with all of them, but the experience can vary. We recommend these resources because they are useful and they can be the solution for the users real estate experience. Please, do not spend money in these products unless you are sure that they will help you obtain your objectives. 


Idealista The best and broadest Internet platform that offers real estate content nationwide. Through this site you will reach a huge amount of real estate products for rent or sale. You will be able to contact the selling owners or the brokerage agencies.idealista cat real estate

It is free for private use. It lets you see all the real estate offers for free and if you are a private user you can publish until three properties without a cost.

Within the platform you can buy services, which will position your asset in a better place and improve the rankings


Tercerob Is a company that is dedicated to compiling and homogenizing the public real estate information that can be found in different databases (administration and public services in its majority)  and making it accessible to all users.

tercerob cat real estate

Fundamentally with Tercerob you get to know the value of your home. Once you go to the Tercerob website within seconds you will know the value of your home. They use the 3BValue that is the estimated market value of TerceroB, which is calculated using an algorithm taking the main variables into account.

Tercerob is based on public data from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration to create a website where anyone can find an estimate price of their home.


Tinsa is the largest independent real estate appraiser in Spain and Latin America.tinsa cat real estate

With Tinsa you can make an official appraisal from 250 € and online. It also has another unofficial housing appraisal service based on a statistical formula from 8€.

It has a very complete and well-structured electronic platform. If you need an official appraisal, this is your tool.


Habitaclia is the leading real estate portal in Catalonia. Habitaclia establishes real estate relations between, promoters and individuals with people looking to buy or rent a property. They have been grouping the real estate offer on the Internet for 14 years so that the people who are looking for housing find the one that best suits their needs.habitaclia

If you are a real estate professional, Habitaclia is the best showcase for your flats, houses, premises, offices, and ships … to reach the people who are looking for them. It has over 5.5 million visits each month.

The aim of Habitaclia is to improve the process of finding housing to the user and help the real estate professional sell or rent faster, helping you to achieve success in your company.


The Panel de Precios de la Vivienda in Spain compiles the information produced and disseminated by different institutions, public and private, as well as associations linked to the real estate sector.


The information has been ordered in a simple way, so that any user can know and compare, in addition to the data produced by each of the institutions, the main methodological characteristics of the respective statistics, their periodicity and the territorial scope of application.

The Housing Price Panel shares data on housing price statistics in Spain. This is very valuable information for professionals and private parties who want to know data of the real estate sector in Spain.



Webempresa is the best provider of Hosting in the market.webempresa el mejor hosting

If you want to build a website, a blog or an ecommerce in WordPress, Jombla or Prestashop we recommend Webempresa without hesitation. They are the best, excellent customers service, all in Spanish, fast and efficient.

Make discount plans for new customers. For domain registrations and Hosting plans for WordPress, Webempresa this is your one stop shop.


Elegantthemes is the best WordPress theme provider on the market. elegantthemes

It has really good templates and plugins to build real estate websites. Their best theme DIVI is a wonder. With DIVI building your website is a very easy task.


Lodgify is a Web platform for creating Web pages for holiday rentals.

Lodgify is an innovative solution that allows the owner and manager of holiday rentals to easily create a personalized website and accept online reservations.

The owner can manage reservations from a single site and synchronize the calendar with multiple booking channels. Lodgify’s vision is to provide vacation rental owners with technology support so that they can become less and less dependent on booking systems based on their commitment.

The Lodgify Software is all in one. It has modern and customizable templates, it has its own payment gateway, you can centralize the management of the sales channels in one place and you can connect them with the main operators like Airbnb, Booking, Homeway, centralize the reservations and much more.


LeadPropeller is the solution to create your all-in-one web page for any real estate investor. With the LeadPropeller platform you will create your webpage in a matter of minutes.


If you need a website where you want to capture real estate to invest in, that looks amazing and is extremely easy to use, with customizable and organized design, there is really no faster or easier way to do it, with LeadPropeller you will get it.

They have customizable templates, and a very advanced lead reception system. LeadPropropeller is the website creation platform focused on real estate investors who want to capture real estate through the web.


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