Comprotulocal, the platform to buy commercial premises in Barcelona and Madrid in less than 72 hours


The real estate group Cat Real Estate has this #proptech startup that becomes the fourth in the group, to facilitate the purchase of commercial premises in less than 72 hours.

Currently, the group has capital committed by its investors to undertake investments in commercial premises worth 40 million euros immediately and without requiring financing.

Barcelona, ​​June 15, 2022.- The commitment to invest in commercial premises continues to grow. So much so, that the real estate group Cat Real Estate diversifies and thanks to the proptech ‘Comprotulocal‘ a real estate platform focused on the purchase of commercial premises.

Support for new real estate entrepreneurs

The objective of the startup of the Cat Real Estate Proptech incubator, the fourth to join the group, is to speed up the process of investing in commercial premises. And it is that, the company, has taken advantage of the wide panel of national and international active investors of the consulting firm in a buying position to execute purchases in a matter of hours, specifically in less than 72 hours, and giving full coverage to the seller and the investor. 

The procedure is very simple: an owner requests an offer through the platform buy your premises and the startup presents a binding offer in less than 72 hours; the objective is to buy the premises offered in less than 30 days. “With Comprotulocal the purpose and objective are to acquire premises in a more efficient way. In 72 hours a firm offer is made and if they accept, in 48 hours the down payment is made”, according to Nacho Castella, founder of the company.

The Cat Real Estate group advances in the real estate sector by providing complete coverage to investors and homeowners, and now to new entrepreneurs wanting to create new real estate companies.

Cat Real Estate will finance the purchases with its own resources. The funds will come from private family offices that have historically been clients of the real estate company and the average investment ticket will be 500,000 euros, since the areas where these premises will be bought are “very secondary”, adds Castella.

Cat Real Estate, which was founded in 2004 and has specialized in managing real estate portfolios for local and international family offices, in the last four years has bought 40 premises in Barcelona and 8 in Madrid. Currently in its portfolio it has some 300 premises, of which 90% are distributed in Barcelona and 10% in Madrid. The current occupancy of this portfolio is 96%. Likewise, the group, which manages assets of 750 million euros, already has a mandate to invest another 40 million euros this year.

Until now, Cat Real Estate had its offices on Rambla Cataluña, and now the company has doubled its space, with more than 200 m2. Also, the consultant has expanded its workforce by 20%, now having a team of ten people.

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Cat Real Estate is a real estate consultancy based in Barcelona that celebrates eleven years of existence this year. The company specializes in real estate asset management for family offices and manages assets of €700 million. The direction of the company is in charge of: Nacho Castella Casas. Professional in the sector with more than fifteen years of experience in the real estate sector in Barcelona. He has spent six years at Busquets Gálvez as Commercial Director and two years at Landscape (real estate subsidiary of the Banco Sabadell Group) as Commercial Manager of the Group’s Assets. He has a Law Degree from UPF and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Business Management from the UB. He has been involved in advising on major location operations for large companies in Barcelona.


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Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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