The real estate consultant who manages more than 650 million euros in property administration celebrates its 15th anniversary by expanding its workforce and moving its headquarters to 472 Av. Diagonal 7 Floor.


The growth of one of the leading consultancies in the real estate field in Barcelona has managed to strengthen its operating radius, ensuring its progression within the property management field. It has achieved for the first time more than 650 million euros to manage.





Due to this business increase within the sector the group has seen the need to expand its offices. Therefore, they have moved to the seventh floor of the renowned Windsor Building where they have acquired a 200 m2 office floor. They have proceeded to a total rehabilitation of the property with the markets latest technologies.

At the same time the company has transferred and is celebrating its 15 years of existence. Closing a record 2018, since, they have intermediated operations worth 48 million euros in the city of Barcelona, 70% in commercial assets (premises and offices) and 30% in residential assets.

Interior new Cat Real Estate offices

During 2018, the real estate market in Barcelona has been fully active and Cat Real Estate has taken advantage of this circumstances to close several investment operations. In which the local ‘family offices’ have gained special prominence. They have placed a strong bet on Barcelona and fully rely on its growth and its business generation capacity.




15 years at the service of the real estate market in Barcelona

The consultant has opted for the architects’ office of Toni Castella and the construction company Pasuel for the total rehabilitation of its new headquarters. They have also decided to increase its workforce by 20%, thus becoming one of the most active real estate companies in the market.

“We want to offer maximum performance and the highest quality real estate to Barcelona, and therefore, betting on expanding our workforce and generating value for our customers is essential to continue growing” said Nacho Castella, CEO of Cat Real Estate.

In 2018, the company created Cat Real Estate Proptech, an incubator of real estate startups seeking to provide coverage and support to new business models in its early stages of life (pre-seed or seed phase). Currently there are three new companies within the incubator: Melibero, Rentando and Yourhoming.



The goal for 2019 is to continue growing, offering value to our customers and clearly bet on real estate assets in prime areas that are constantly rented and with revaluation potential.


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Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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