Cat Real Estate has just closed an office selling transaction in Paseo de Gracia for 6.500€ per square meter. Office trading accelerates in Barcelona in 2018.


The High street finds itself in an uprising cycle


The amount of demand in the investment section is reaching amounts near to those prior to the crisis.

Barcelona, March 26th 2018. After years of downing prices and a less active demand, office market in the prime areas is strongly reactivating in Barcelona.


Office purchase accelerates in Barcelona surpassing 2007 prices


In fact Cat Real Estate, one of the main actors in real estate intermediation closing 2017 with record numbers, has just signed the selling of a 450 square meter office located in Paseo de Gracia number 54.


Office purchase accelerates in Barcelona

Office purchase accelerates in Barcelona


The buyer is a foreign capital investment group.

As Nacho Castella, CEO of the consultancy firm, explains “we have closed this investment at a price of 6500€ per square meter. This proves that we are back to 2007 prices as far as the office selling market in Paseo de Gracia goes. Paseo de Gracia is one of the main edges in Barcelona.


Buyers’ profile: investors and users

Consumption has reactivated national operators interest, not only national but most of all international, to take positions in the high street. This is due to the fact that the market as a whole is active.


Forecasts for 2018

Cat Real Estate keeps on leading the real estate investment market in Madrid and Barcelona. The consultancy firm has mediated already in 40 transactions with administration real estate with a volume of 480 million Euros.


Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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