Santa Masa Group has chosen the Sant Antoni neighborhood in Barcelona for their new restaurant advised by Cat Real Estate.


Cuisine with Catalan roots in Barcelona’s future trendy neighborhood, Sant Antoni. 

Advised by the Catalan consultancy firm Cat Real Estate Santa Masa group will be part of the evolution of one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Barcelona. Sant Antoni market is reborn in a transformed Barcelona, 136 years after it was drawn by the architect Antoni Rovira I Trias to sell chicken, hens and codfish.

Since the renewal started in 2009 Sant Antoni neighborhood has experienced a great change in its establishments characterized by innovation, creation and design.


Restored Sant Antoni market is provided with a total of 53000 sqm divided in five levels. It has classical food stands as well as a supermarket, a neighborhood area and even a gym. On Sundays it will host a book market.


During the renewal ancient Via Augusta archeological remains were found as well as Roman mausoleums. This will be included in a museum which will open its doors in the near future.

When an event such as this one takes place, given the importance that the Sant Antoni market has for the neighborhood, raises certain opinions which state that an evolution is necessary but without losing the neighborhood essence.

Others fear the “boqueria effect” where the market is not seen as something intimate and part of the neighborhood. The boqueria market is just another tourist attraction. This loss of identity in such an evolved Barcelona is scary in a certain way.

A third group of people tries to help but it does not worry as is the case of the Santa Masa group. This group provided with Cat Real Estate’s guidance has decided to continue their adventure in Ronda Sant Antoni 51.



This group stands out for their Mediterranean cuisine but they are also looking to get back to its roots. They do so by developing a fresh and unpretencious cuisine. They offer welcoming spaces with an industrial décor.

In the last couple months the modernization and entrepreneurship has developed towards Ronda de Sant Antoni. The provisional market will give its way towards commercial visibility of all the premises.

This street is directly connected with Plaça Catalunya and Plaza Universidad that is why it will be one of the market references in Barcelona.

Ronda Sant Antoni 51. Vallès group stands out for its Mediterranean kitchen as well as their comfortable and welcoming spaces. They own a variety of restaurants in Sabadell, Sant Cugat and Sarrià. This list has been expanded by their new opening in Sant Antoni neighborhood. 


Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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