The real estate market is not unconnected to the modern ways of living and working of the new generations, do to this evolution co-living is born.


From cat real estate we want to lead the new real estate bets, which are born in an international level and that without a doubt will be implanted in our geography.

The lack of quality accommodation has given rise to a new way of life for young people with the aim of improving their quality of life, because they have run out of options; the bigger part of them live in low quality accommodations with poor landlords and they no longer see possible getting a mortgage or something fixed.

Right now young people do not want to have monthly charges for the rest of their lives and most of them are opting for the concept of using a service.

There is a strong crisis currently in urban housing and this new concept is born to better the lives of this generation.


What is co-living?

It’s a new way of life for young people who live in cities. This are designed to give comfort, quality and above all it is made for people who want to share, collaborate and live in a community.

As most of new forms of life, this concept was born in the United States and it has been spreading throughout the world satisfying the needs of this group.

Co-living is a simple evolution from shared flats and houses as well as shared workspaces.

One of the most active enterprises in this is Roam, who has co-living houses in Bali, Hong Kong, Australia o Singapore; it searches to create a small household: a community of live integrated by professionals of different branches and backgrounds.

In fact Roam created a seed capital last year for values of 3.4 Million $.


from coworking to coliving



This new way of living stands out for the cohabitation space, where they share rooms or spaces such as a kitchen, a co-living room, a complete bathroom, library, co-working, garden, rooftop… great for someone who wants to work, live and play in the same place.

Do to the fact that you are part of the community you have access to the gym, spa, restaurants, bars, shops, events space and more. They also have concierge and cleaning services.

The tenants have their own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom depending on the room choice, therefore they share rooms with the other tenants but they also have their own private space.

The co-living benefits don’t stop here, they want to get rid of the burden of paying the bills (gym, spa, cleaners…) that is why the tenant pays one unique bill which covers everything.

In the community there are training programs, activities, talks and events so that the neighbors get to know each other and get to exchange ideas, share local discoveries, interesting events and food left-overs.

This community is attracted by the multiple number of young people who travel and work and who don’t want to be alone, they search for a community where to share, enjoy and work.


from coworking to coliving


In Spain a special co-living project was started Sende, which has received more than 600 people form 41 nationalities in the two years that it has been open.

Sende is located in a village in Ourense that has 20 residents. They have a few houses to lodge, a networking space and a couple gardens. They also organize events for the community of tenants.

Roam has also bet for Madrid and has created a co-living space in a residence in the heart of Madrid, build for the marquess of Villamagna in the 1800 decade.

The objective of co-living, is that a person travels to a foreign country and do to the fact that he is in a community he will meet people who will help him, who motivate his work and his creativity through idea exchange and the difference in points of view.


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