The retailing world is in full evolution and adapting to clients who are changing their consumption habits.

From Cat Real Estate we have noticed how brands are giving more and more importance to the physical characteristics of the premises and the way they are going to be available to implement their product.

There are a few remarkable points in what is currently happening. Here is a brief analysis:


Smart store

It seeks to bring the consumer the best of online and offline, everything in the same place and looking for a personalized experience for each and every client.

The store turns to be completely mobile and designed so the client feels at home.

The customer wants to live a different experience in the store, that surprising things take place.

A good example of this would be the new Shopwithme store in Chicago with the collections of Toms Shoes and Raven + Lily.


In the next video you can see what we have mentioned:




A new generation of consumers. The millennials.  

These new consumers prefer using products than having them as a possession. That is why sharing of resources is generated.

The millennials have grown and matured with mobile technology, which is why they hope to be to able use it in every aspect of their life. They want to be available to purchase, use social networks, chat with friends, do research online and pay for the products. The commodity of the mobile device is paramount to this group.

A brand that has had special consideration of these consumers is Starbucks. They have won, by margin, payments through smartphones thanks to its application, they obtain more than 6 million downloads weekly and is used by more than 120 million customers, making it one of the most used mobile applications in the United States.


Towards where is retail evolving?



Without a doubt robots have arrived to our days to stay and retail is not an exception.

The first prototypes of robots who serve clients in different languages are already being tested.

A real example would be the Oshbot robot implanted in San José California. Built by Lowe’s Inovation Labs.


In the next video you can his skills:




Concept store

These are hybrid establishments that offer art, fashion, design or restoration. These types of stores are coming to main commercial arteries of cities and are becoming a more important bet of the brands to achieve the attention of customers in a different way.

An example would be the New Balance store in Madrid, which we advised from Cat Real Estate. The 1,500 m2 shop is divided into four separate but interconnected areas at the service of the customer: the shop, the museum, the New Balance Café and the running club.


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