Barcelona’s own Jose Lius becomes Tapas 24 with Cat Real Estates help


Carles Abellan restoration group grows with a new premise in Diagonal and Tusets corner. This venue was until recently the very well known Jose Luis brewery.

This transaction in Barcelona was advised by the real estate consultant Cat Real Estate, which closed 2017 with a managed estate worth 440 million €.

Carles Abellan advised by Cat Real Estate

Carles Abellan advised by Cat Real Estate

The commercial premises market in prime spots is having a peak period. Even though not such a long time ago retail establishments located in Diagonal were mostly empty, this has resurfaced quickly.

As it happened with fashion brands whether they were luxury or low cost, restoration firms also want to establish themselves in this commercial corridor and Carles Abellán group is an example of it. In fact the brand has bet on Cat Real Estate to open their new establishment in the Catalan capital. They have chosen to do so in the old Jose Luis brewery, founded by Jose Luis Ruiz Solaguren.

It is an exclusive venue in Diagonal Avenue with a terrace. “It is a transaction that was hard to close, due to the fact that there were multiple restoration firms interested in the premises. This confirms without a doubt that there is an important increase in the demand of premises in Diagonal for restoration firms, even though there has been a decrease in incomes in the last couple years.” says Nacho Castella, CEO of Cat Real Estate.


Barcelona keeps on being a dynamical center where brands and groups want to expand; the problem is finding available premises.


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Ignacio Castella, CEO - CAT REAL ESTATE

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